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Secure Ebooks – Lock Pages in Evaluation or Trial Mode

HTML Executable has a feature called “Security Profiles“. Behind this name, you’ll find a powerful feature that lets you define user rights for your ebook such as text copying, page printing… or choose to lock pages.

If you want to offer a trial or evaluation version of your ebook on your website for public download, you will probably need to lock some important pages of your ebook. For instance, you offer the first 3 chapters to your end user and when the end user finally purchases your ebook, you send him/her a key that unlocks the remaining chapters.

In the video tutorial below, we explain you how to convert an ebook into an evaluation version and how you can choose which pages should be accessible in this trial or not.

👉 To see how your customers can unlock the full ebook, see the corresponding video: unlocking an ebook after purchase

▶️Click ‘Play’ to begin. The HD video format is available: switch to 720p (HD) and click Full Screen for optimal image quality.

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