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Simplify Your Ebook Creation with HTML Executable’s Intuitive Interface.

User-Friendly Interface And Efficient HTML Compiler For Easy Ebook Creation

Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)

➡️ Ribbon Interface: simplified access to features through a categorized ribbon interface.


➡️ Context-Sensitive Help: at any time, just press F1 or click Help to instantly access the comprehensive and detailed help documentation. It is context-sensitive so the related help topic is immediately displayed.

Efficient File Management for Ebook Compilation

➡️Easily manage files to be compiled in ebooks as in Windows Explorer: HTML Executable lets you add multiple files, entire folders or wild cards, or you can use drag/drop operations to add your files directly from Windows Explorer. Adding, removing files is really easy with the buttons or the mouse context menu (right click).

File Manager

➡️Let HTML Executable automatically manage and update the files that should be compiled thanks to the Source File List Update feature.

➡️Edit HTML pages directly in HTML Executable thanks to the integrated HTML editor with syntax highlighting.

Batch Options for Developers

➡️ Projects can of course be loaded and saved.

➡️ Moreover, HTML Executable supports command line options (switches) and batch builds. HTML Executable has batch options for creating ebooks: you can write a text file with instructions (called directives file) and pass it to HTML Executable. Your ebooks will be automatically created.

➡️ A detailed log is always displayed after compilation.

Compatibility and Resources

➡️ HTML Compiler makes ebooks compatible with Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7.
➡️ A main demonstration, several skins and resources are also shipped. You can, moreover, download more resources from our Downloads section.
➡️ Grab your copy of HTML Executable today and see for yourself! The Trial edition is fully functional and does not have any time limit itself.
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