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Ebook Protection with Dongle

” I want to sell my ebooks and I want to prevent buyers from sharing my ebooks with others.”

➡️ A solution: using dongle protection

The other solutions are online activation and hardware-locked keys.

Locking your publication to a dongle

You can lock your ebook to a dongle, which means that the publication will not work if the correct dongle is not inserted.

The publication will check the dongle’s presence:

✔️ at startup
The publication will not open if the dongle is not inserted.

✔️ regularly during execution (if you wish): you can define the frequency of these verifications, every 30 seconds for instance.
If the dongle is not found, a nag screen pops up requiring insertion of the dongle in the 15 seconds. If the dongle is not inserted in time, the ebook exits.

➡️ If you want, you can set restrictions: limit the number of times your publication can be run, make your key expire after a given number of days or after a given date.

ℹ️ Visit the HS-Security Ware website to know more about dongles.

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