Ebook and HTML Compiler Software

Secure your PDF files with HTML Executable

You can convert a PDF file to a secure ebook application EXE for Windows thanks to our ebook compiler HTML Executable (which could be called PDF Executable in that case).

The result is a stand-alone application that does not require any PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader, because the PDF viewer is built-in.

Once converted, the PDF cannot be saved anymore (no Save As command) nor copied. But you can still read it, navigate through it (a lot of navigation tools are integrated), optionally print it.

In the video tutorial below, we explain you how to convert a PDF into an ebook with HTML Executable. Moreover, we added some additional customization steps like: disabling Print, Print Screen..., adding a password protection (and you can even go further thanks to the security features of HTML Executable), integrating a splash screen, changing the ebook window's look, creating a custom icon for your ebook EXE file thanks to our icon software GConvert - and much more.

  Click "Play" to begin. HD video format is available: switch to 720p (HD) and click Full Screen for optimal image quality.