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Video and Screencasts

Creating registration keys for your Trial ebook

If you plan to sell your ebooks, HTML Executable gives you the option of turning your HTML documents, websites or PDFs into trial ebooks. Trial ebooks can display nag screens at startup and optionally offer limited trial periods or restrictions (10 days or 20 runs for example). You can also lock pages of your trial ebook.

The following video tutorial for HTML Executable shows you:

▶️Click ‘Play’ to begin. The HD video format is available: switch to 720p (HD) and click Full Screen for optimal image quality.

Secure and Monetize Your Ebooks
with HTML Executable

HTML Executable not only offers you flexibility and control over your web content but also ensures good security for your ebooks and HTML applications. Our software allows you to compile your ebooks and HTML applications into standalone executables, providing an added layer of protection against unauthorized access.

But that’s not all – with HTML Executable, you can also sell licenses for your applications, opening up a new revenue stream.

Don’t just take our word for it – click the button below to download your free trial version today and experience the difference for yourself.