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Create Trial Version of your Ebook

Trial Version of your Ebook or not?

HTML Executable lets you create different versions of your ebooks:


A trial version allows your future customers to have an overview of your work before buying it.

You can also choose not to give access to your ebook without prior registration.

Make your own customized trial version thanks to security profiles:

✔️only the first pages can be viewed

✔️only some strategic pages can be viewed

✔️some pages are accessible, but actions on them are restricted (copying, printing…)

✔️a customized nag screen is displayed at startup or at end, with a link to your order page

✔️your entire ebook is accessible, but for a given number of days

✔️your entire ebook is accessible, but for a given number of runs

Everything is possible with HTML Executable!

Distribute your ebook safely

It is the same exe file for trial and registered versions.

When opening your ebook, your user will be prompted to choose between the trial version or the registered one. A window like this will appear, depending on how you have configured the ebook:


If your customer does not have a registration key, they will never be able to access to the registered version.

Now, if your user purchases a registration key, you will not have to send them another file. They will just have to unlock the ebook with the registration key you give to them or the one he obtained when buying online (depending on the registration method you choose).


Don’t want to offer a trial version?

If you do not want your customers to have any access to your ebook without registering (paying) first, double-click on Default and tick “Do not allow access to the publication without prior registration”:




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