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Ebook Content Protection: Stop Screenshots

Protection Against Screen Capture

In the digital age, protecting your ebook content from unauthorized duplication is crucial. Our HTML Compiler software, HTML Executable, addresses this concern by offering robust screen capture prevention tools. It utilizes Windows’ built-in content protection feature to thwart common screenshot utilities.

secure ebook

Safeguard Your Ebook with Enhanced Window Content Protection

To prevent screen captures, ebooks made with HTML Executable can use the window content protection feature available in Windows. This feature enables applications to protect their own onscreen window content from being captured or copied through screenshot utilities!

⚠️ Without protection, the main window can be captured:

ebook not protected

✅ With HTML Executable’s protection on, when you try to take a screenshot of the ebook (for instance, with Windows Snap tool or the PRINT SCREEN key), or record the screen with a video recorder software, the window becomes black:

ebook protected with content protection
stop screenshots

Blacklisting Screenshot and Screen Reader Tools

HTML Executable empowers you with the ability to detect and disable specific software programs that pose a threat to your ebook's security. This includes a range of screen capture utilities, screen recorders, and other potential risks.


You have control over the blacklist, ensuring that any flagged software will trigger an immediate shutdown of the ebook, accompanied by an error message. The flexibility of the blacklist extends to process names or keywords in window titles, providing a thorough safeguard against unauthorized access or duplication of your ebook content.

➡️ Regular checks can be configured for ongoing security management during the ebook display session.

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