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With our HTML compiler, compile websites into compact ebooks in .exe format

Transform Your Websites into Secure Ebooks with HTML Executable

Transform your online presence by leveraging HTML Executable to create secure, self-contained applications or ebooks from your websites. Experience effortless distribution to your readers without sacrificing security or efficiency.


Seamless Website Conversion

Turn your websites into standalone Windows executable files, aptly termed as ebooks or digital publications, for seamless, secure, and swift sharing with your target audience including customers, colleagues, friends, and other users.

The ebook application .exe file encapsulates all essential website files, eliminating the need for separate distribution, ensuring a hassle-free user experience. HTML pages, images, graphics, JavaScript scripts, PDF files, audio files, video files, CSS, XML and other files are compiled inside a single ebook .exe file.

Compact Yet High-Performing Ebooks

Generate compact ebooks and applications without compromising on quality! HTML Executable ensures optimal compression of your website files while preventing unauthorized content extraction. Indeed, we use powerful algorithms such as brotli, LZMA, PPMD that easily beat the standard Zip deflate method.
HTML Executable uses its own archive format so end users cannot unpack your ebooks with their Zip/Unzip utility such as 7-Zip or view their contents.

Secure Ebooks

Robust Content Protection

Once compiled into a publication or ebook app, your HTML and PDF documents are secured against unauthorized extraction and reuse, ensuring content integrity.
End users will not be able to extract and reuse HTML, PDF and graphic source files; in fact, our viewer engines do not require files to be extracted to hard disk for displaying them (they directly read data from memory).

Furthermore, HTML Executable digital publications safeguard your websites against unauthorized modifications and incomplete downloads by verifying content integrity prior to launching.

Ebook SubFolders in HTML Compiler

Sub-Folders in our HTML Compiler


Efficient Folder Management

HTML Executable facilitates efficient folder and sub-folder management, preserving the structural integrity of your websites and ensuring seamless file access within your ebooks.
Our HTML Compiler stores path information and saves the structure of your websites. You can also include files from any location on your computer and define their virtual path to access them in ebooks

Boundless Ebook Publication Capacity

Craft ebook applications with an unlimited number of files, accommodating even lengthy file names and identical names across different folders, all within a size limit of 4 GB. Our HTML Compiler lets you even go further by keeping very large media files outside the application and encrypting them.

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