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Turn HTML or Ebooks into Secure Applications with our HTML Compiler

Start creating secure desktop apps from HTML, PDF, websites, and ebooks. Sell them and control who can use your ebooks.

An HTML compiler packed with unique features

Our versatile ebook compiler gives you tons of features and customization possibilities:

Make Apps

Create ebooks and secure applications

Offer your websites, presentations, ebooks as stand-alone desktop applications to your customers and visitors. It is easy to distribute your application: just one EXE file to deploy.
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user interface

Your own UI look with skins

Design attractive user interfaces with skin support (more than 80 skins available) and multiple window options.
Support for light and dark modes. UI Component Editor and much more.
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pdf and html

Use HTML and PDF as source for your ebooks

Mix PDF and HTML documents together. A stand-alone and secure PDF viewer is integrated. Your PDF files are never unpacked to the hard disk and cannot be copied.
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ebook security

Unlock Success with Robust Licensing Solutions for Your Ebooks and HTML Apps

👉 Safeguard your valuable content with our Content protection feature (stop screenshots and detect screen recorders, prevent printing to PDF, stop copy to clipboard).

👉 Prevent unauthorized ebook distribution and piracy thanks to hardware-locking and online activation while maintaining full control over your intellectual property.

Secure Ebooks

Make Protected and Secured Ebooks

Protect pages and content; restrict user rights (copy, print...); prevent screenshots and screen grabbers; prevent users from sharing your work. No access to your HTML source.
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Ebook Trial Version

Make Trial or Evaluation Versions of Ebooks

Set up expiration options or limitations, HTML pages to be accessible only after purchase, or a given number of runs/days. Show trial reminder screens at startup.
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Ebook Activate

Online Activation For Your Ebooks

Enhance your ebook's protection with our cutting-edge online activation system. Say goodbye to piracy and refunds as you gain full control over access. No monthly fees!
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Security features to sell more ebooks

security options

Experience the power of our HTML compiler and eBook protection software

Start your free trial and explore its numerous features for protecting your ebooks in PDF or HTML

A Mature Ebook Compiler

Use HTML Executable to make unique entirely customized and secure ebooks, presentations, digital publications, demonstrations, offline documentation and compact archives for easier and secure distribution or backup of your websites.

Ebook Brand with HTML Compiler

Full ebook branding options

Insert your company name, your own logo in your ebooks and digital publications.

Advertise your company, not ours!

Create interactive and customized ebooks

Show messages or splash screens, launch other applications; include web updates for your ebooks; customize everything with integrated scripting support.

Interactive Ebooks
Search In Ebooks

Easy localization of ebooks and HTML apps

Every text and dialog box of your HTML apps made with HTML Executable can be modified the way you like. Several languages are available.

✅ HTML Executable: A Free Activation Kit for Secure Distribution

With the free activation kit from HTML Executable, which you can install on your own server, you can distribute and sell your PDFs, publications, digital arts, and ebooks without fear of piracy. This kit offers robust protection against piracy, ensuring that your content remains secure while reaching a wider audience.

✅ Automation and Online Management

This kit allows for direct acceptance of payments via PayPal with automation. This means that license emails are automatically delivered. You can also manage everything online directly in your administration panel. It’s even possible to create a customized store.

👉 This comprehensive solution provides an efficient and secure way to distribute and monetize your digital content.

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Add Search, Contents, Favorite Tools To Your Ebooks

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Seamless Web Updates for Your Ebooks

  • Auto-detect and install new updates from your web server, ensuring users always have the latest version.
  • No third-party software required; only needs a hosting server for update files
  • Configurable settings for update checks at startup or via a dedicated menu item.

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HTML Executable 2024 Released

Exciting News: HTML Executable 2024 is Now Live! We’re thrilled to announce the public release of HTML Executable 2024, stepping out of its Beta shoes. This new version is not just an update, it’s a complete rewrite. And still a fast and powerful way to build secure Windows applications from…

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HTML Executable: HTML Compiler for Secure Desktop Apps / Ebooks
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Discover HTML Executable, a leading HTML compiler for converting websites, HTML, PDFs, and eBooks into secure and customizable desktop applications. Enjoy robust content protection and versatile licensing options for selling ebooks!

Price: 45

Price Currency: EUR

Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7

Application Category: HTML Compiler, Security, Ebook Compiler

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  • Versatile Conversion: Converts HTML, PDFs, and eBooks into secure desktop applications.
  • Robust Security: Offers advanced content protection features, including hardware-locking and online activation.
  • Customizable Interface: Allows customization of user interfaces to match brand or content style.
  • Integrated PDF Viewer: Includes a built-in PDF viewer, enhancing user experience.
  • Ease of Distribution: Simplifies the distribution process of digital content.
  • Trial Version Available: Provides a trial version for testing before purchase.

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With HTML Executable, you are choosing one of the most efficient and secure HTML to EXE compilers available. Your content deserves the best protection and presentation, and HTML Executable is here to deliver.

Act now, and take the first step towards a more secure and engaging digital publishing journey with HTML Executable!