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Customizable Ebook Interface and Skins with HTML Executable

Tailored User Interface For Your Ebooks And HTML Apps

Indulge in the creative freedom offered by HTML Executable, allowing you to design engaging and unique user interfaces for your ebooks and HTML applications. From toolbars to menu bars, every component can be fully customized to reflect your brand’s aesthetic, ensuring an attractive and intuitive user experience.

ebook skins

Extensive Skin Selection

Leverage the broad array of over 80 skins provided by HTML Executable to instantly enhance the look of your applications made with our HTML compiler and ebooks. With just a simple selection, transform the visual appeal of windows, dialog boxes, and controls, presenting a unique look that resonates with your audience.

choose skins ebook
  • Create or Modify Skins

    Unleash your creativity by crafting your own skins or tweaking existing ones using the free skin editor.

  • Kiosk Mode Ebooks

    Create ebooks and HTML apps that operate in kiosk mode, offering a streamlined user interface. This feature is ideal for ebooks meant for informational kiosks or specific-purpose applications, prioritizing content delivery over interface complexity​.

  • Icon Tray

    Include an icon in the system tray and customize the pop-up menu with your own options.

Main window options

Tailored Window Settings

Configure the appearance and options of the main window with HTML Executable to enhance usability. Create screen-centered windows to focus on content and save user-preferred window positions for a personalized experience. This feature facilitates easy navigation, making your digital publications user-friendly.

main window options

Intuitive Interface Creation

Utilize HTML Executable's visual editor to design modern and complex user interfaces for your ebooks and HTML applications. Create an Application Menu for easy access to usual navigation commands, enhance the navigation bar with your own commands and links, or implement a personalized menu bar. It's up to you!

ui editor ebook
Application Menu Button
Create an Application Menu button easily

Efficient Menu Management

Leverage the Menu Editor feature in HTML Executable to customize and manage menus in your eBook or HTML application effortlessly. Access and modify menu items across various components like the menu bar, app menu button, context menu, and tray icon, associating commands as needed.


Versatile Navigation Bar Customization

With the Navigation Bar Editor, gain control over the functionality and look of your ebook or HTML application's navigation bar. Modify button panels, design a visual ribbon, and manage button images effortlessly through the SVG Image Manager, ensuring a user-friendly navigation experience, even on very large monitors with high DPI.

Ebook Navigation Editor
The powerful Navigation Bar Editor lets you create ribbon interfaces or traditional toolbars visually.
SVG Image Manager
All icons we use are in SVG format, ensuring they are correctly resized on high-DPI screens.
navigation bar ebook
The navigation ribbon with custom buttons and icons. Unleash your creativity!
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