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What Others Say About HTML Executable

This page includes comments and user testimonials about HTML Executable from just a few of our satisfied customers, some awards and links related to HTML Executable. If you have suggestions, feel free to contact us.


I’ve done quite a bit of searching around, and no other program compares to HTML Executable.  It by far has more features, better documentation, and is easier to use than other programs.  Even the DRM server setup was easy to follow and well documented.  Keep up the great work!
Jason C. Rudbeck

I have been working on my HTML based application for over 20 years.
In the early days of development, I had no idea of how I could bring it all together until I discovered HTML executable about 4 years ago and immediately found it to be by far and away the best solution anywhere for compiling, securing and distributing my application.

There is simply no other HTML compiler in the world that even comes close, the application is easy to use, has a wealth of functions and features and everything is fully customisable.

The new generation HTML exe 2024 adds HTML5 functionality with Chromium support and makes the app even more awesome.

Without any doubt, my application simply would have not been possible to complete if it were not for HTML executable.

I cannot recommend HTML executable highly enough and I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered it.

I really believe that this program is truly very remarkable, a technical masterpiece deserving of the highest accolades. It meets the very difficult and ordinarily very elusive design objective for a piece of software, in that it is very easy to use (you don't have to be technically oriented to produce commercial publications as exe programs), but yet it provides a vast range of options which allow an author's publications to have features which can only be found in programmer produced software.

All this is able to be accomplished by a user without programming knowledge or experience. But, yet, any programmed functions and scripts (such as JavaScript and other scripting mechanisms), which are part of the html pages, are totally functional and further, the program provides tools for virtually infinite customization of features with author created internal scripts, allowing virtually unlimited flexibility in the design of an exe publication, which can then perform as a software application.

That's a mouthful, but the product is so unusually amazing that it is hard to distill words to properly extol its grandeur. The problem in any recommendation about HTML Executable and Paquet Builder is that these programs are so complete, so powerful that it's difficult to describe the power without taking paragraphs.

Generally speaking, I am not one to write to a company regarding their product. However, HTML Executable being the exceptional product that it is, has motivated me to write.

A few days go I purchased the 'Professional Edition' of HTML Executable and after using it, I migrated to the 'Commercial Edition' this morning. To say that I am pleased with your software would be the understatement of the decade. Ease of use comes first to mind but then you have all of the options available to you, which are far too numerous to list.

I just wanted to thank you for a quality product which has allowed me to complete my product for commercial distribution, within just a few hours of receiving my commercial license. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Ron Cowart
Profiting In Precious Metals
I have been using HTML Executable Commercial Edition for over a year now and I am just amazed by the great features and support this program has.After seeing this latest update I just had to let you know what an amazing job you are doing. I use countless programs and have yet to see one as well made and feature rich as yours.This program goes far beyond making simple eBooks and was worth every penny I spent on it. Keep up the fantastic work!
Michael Hanson
Shrike Hosting, Web Hosting Provider
We love your product, it is one of the most simple programs to learn for how much it does, it works great for the applications we are using it with, and the online activation is a wonderful tool allowing us to see how many we have out of each product.


si award epick5
tucows lab testing team would like to inform you that your product HTML Executable has been listed, reviewed and awarded by our editors:

“Have you ever wondered how can you present a website to someone that doesn’t have access to the Internet? Well, you could separately save each page on a portable drive, but that would takes ages. In addition, you won’t be able to run any scripts unless you load your entire website on a local host server.

HTML Executable was designed to offer you a solution to this kind of problems and any others that could be solved by exporting a website to an exe application or an e-book.

HTML Executable is an amazing piece of software that compresses entire websites along with their scripts into a portable application. This program is very powerful and offers you a large number of features to help you out.

First of all, you need to create a new project. HTML Executable comes with a professional and intuitive interface that provides you with explicit information for every step of the way in order to create your desired application. There are three types of publications that you can choose from.

This program offers you a very helpful option – click on the “Help me choose” button and, after answering several questions regarding the needs of your chosen website, HTML Executable will automatically select the required publication type.

Now you are ready to publish your website as an application. HTML Executable provides you with many options so that you can customize the application including choosing an internal browser skin, assigning it a tray icon or integrating a search engine into the output.

HTML Executable, among its many very useful features, also gives you the ability to manage HEScripts, set messages for users to view when you launch and close the application or insert a loading screen, usually short Flash animation, before getting to the actual content. Also, if your website uses Java or media plugins, you have the opportunity to add a built-in server to your
application so that you can successfully load them.

If you are worried about the security of your application, HTML Executable can make your concerns go away. This versatile piece of software puts at your disposal various ways to protect the publication. You can set a global password, make the application expire after a certain date, disable Print Screen key so that nobody can take screenshots of it and much more.

Regarding the proprieties of the output, HTML Executable also allows you to modify almost everything. You are free to set the version information, assign your application an icon, set the compression level of the source file and many other parameters. It can even generate a setup package for your publication or create an INF file if you plan to install it from a CD.

Another one of the many great features that HTML Executable comes with is the fact that it can export a cleanup utility. So, if you want to remove any trace of your application and settings it might modify, simply launch this utility and all the information will be instantly erased.

To sum it all up, HTML Executable is a remarkable piece of software that can help you compress whole websites, along with any PDF files and any other companion documents into a simple and portable application.”

After carefully testing your product, Editor Team decided to award your product with the Top Software Awards.

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