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Editions of HTML Executable

Registered Editions of HTML Executable

If you’re considering purchasing a registered edition of HTML Executable, you have three options: Personal, Professional, or Commercial. Each of these editions eliminates the limitations found in the Trial version and grants you full rights to distribute your publications.

Key benefits of these registered editions include:

✔️ No random nag messages in your ebooks, unlike the Trial edition.

✔️ No forced expiration of your ebooks, as seen in the Trial edition.

✔️ No royalties fee: You’re allowed to distribute an unlimited number of private and public publications, as per the terms of the license agreement.

✔️ A 12-month maintenance is included, providing free minor and major upgrades, faster basic technical support via email, our ticket system and our forum, along with substantial renewal discounts.

✔️ Access to additional features such as skin editor, activation kit, source code for the key generator for ebooks, and early access to future Beta versions.

✔️ Your purchase supports the ongoing development and improvement of HTML Executable and our other products.

Feature Comparison Matrix

comparing editions
FeaturesPersonal EditionProfessional EditionCommercial Edition
No restriction on the file number✔️✔️✔️
Localization Support✔️ but dialog boxes cannot be modified.✔️✔️
The About dialog box can be modified ✔️ but you are not authorized to remove the "Built with HTML Executable" mark✔️ but you are not authorized to remove the "Built with HTML Executable" mark
No branding: ability to remove the "Built with HTML Executable" marks."No Branding" additional option available for purchase: see below"No Branding" additional option available for purchase: see below"No Branding" additional option available for purchase: see below
Splash screen supported ✔️✔️
Skin Editor: you can create your own compatible skins yourself✔️ free add-on✔️ free add-on✔️ free add-on
User Scripts with HEScript ✔️✔️
Security Profiles✔️ but limited to 1✔️✔️
Restricted Publication Tools ✔️✔️
Managing trial certificates (you can have different registered editions for your ebooks) ✔️ but limited to 1 registered certificate✔️
Ability to create "hardware-locked" keys for publications  ✔️
Online Activation Kit to install on a server (with full source code)  ✔️ you can download it from the account page
Content Protection: Stop Screenshots✔️✔️✔️
Web Updates for Publications ✔️✔️
Making Portable Versions of Publications ✔️✔️
Key generator source code available (php, C#...) ✔️ you can download it from the account page✔️ you can download it from the account page
Deactivation of publications (end users can remove their registration key from their PC)  ✔️
Remote validation of registration keys (verify that the end user has the right to run your publication)  ✔️
No royalties fee ✔️✔️✔️
Free basic technical support during the lifetime of the product (via e-mail and forum)✔️✔️✔️

Available Additional Purchase Options

Throughout the purchasing process, our resellers present you with these extra options:

✔️ One-Year Upgrade and Support Extension (30% of the License Price)

By extending your maintenance service by an additional 12 months, you will benefit from a total of 24 months of free major and minor upgrades, along with priority access to basic technical support through email and our support forum. Opting for this extension saves you 70% on the price of future license upgrades compared to the new license price.

✔️ No Branding Option – 49.95 EUR

This feature enables you to remove all visual indicators that your ebooks and publications were created using HTML Executable. It includes the removal of the ‘Built with HTML Executable’ mark in the about box and version information of your applications, allowing you to solely promote your own company’s branding.

This option is not exclusive to the initial purchase and can be acquired later via your account page.

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