Ebook and HTML Compiler Software

Optimal Security for your ebooks

HTML Executable comes with a lot of security features, that can be combined.

A lot of security options...

to restrict user access and rights to your ebooks.

  • Make the sharing of your production impossible

Remotely manage your ebook, lock / unlock your publication, control the number of activations of your ebook, thanks to online activation.

⇒ Make your ebook accessible on one computer only, thanks to hardware-locked keys.

⇒ Create fully-secured ebooks, without having to manage anything, by benefiting from our Protect Ebook .net service.

⇒ Make your ebook accessible only when a dongle is inserted.


  • Restrict the actions your customers can do

⇒ Use security profiles to restrict the actions your customers can do in some pages, such as printing, copying, selecting text...

⇒ Prevent screen capture and ebook content leaking.

Disable the PRINT SCREEN key and similar combinations.

Avoid multiple instances of an ebook: only one instance of the ebook can be optionally run at a time.

⇒ Blacklist specific software programs (screenshot tools, screen recorder software...) to prevent your ebook from running when these software programs are active.


  • Create several versions of your ebooks

⇒ A trial edition that you can entirely configure:

→ lock pages, determine the actions the user can do, thanks to security profiles.

→ make your ebook expire after a given number of days, of runs, or on a specific date.


⇒ And one or more registered edition(s) that would be your entire ebook.


  • Simple protection

HTML Executable also offers you simple protection, much less secure (users can easily share your ebook), but easier. You can choose to use:

password protection: after the payment of your customer, you send him/her the password, that you can generate with HTML Executable.

simple registration keys: after the payment of your customer, you create with HTML Executable a key for him/her, with his/her name and send it to him/her. This key is personal, but it will work on any computer.


Protection of the HTML source code of your compiled websites

  • HTML pages, PDF files and graphic files are never extracted to the user's hard disk. When the ebook has to render a page, it directly reads it from its compressed data into the memory. This does not apply to Self-Extracting ebooks, however.
  • Ebooks compiled with HTML Executable cannot be decompiled back to the website source files, especially if you password protect them. End users can't extract files from the ebook using common file archivers (Zip, 7-Zip, Rar, Cab...) either because HTML Executable uses its own data compression scheme. Finally, it is not possible to view the contents of an ebook without running it.
  • Flash SWF, Flash video FLV, media (MP4, MP3...) files and other special content used by plug-ins... can stay in memory and thus they are not unpacked to the hard disk thanks to virtualization, a feature provided by HTML Executable.
  • Large media files (audio, video) can remain outside the ebook and optionally in encrypted form so that they can only be played by the ebook.
  • Ebooks can detect debuggers and exit.
  • Ebooks can check their integrity at startup to avoid external modifications and truncated downloads.