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Table Of Contents, Favorites, Built-In Search for Ebooks

Advanced Ebook Features with HTML Executable

HTML Executable offers a suite of tools to create highly interactive and organized ebooks, elevating the digital reading experience beyond basic web browsing.

Integrated Search Capabilities in Ebooks

➡️ Quick and Efficient Search: Users can rapidly search for words or phrases throughout the ebook.

➡️ Automatic Indexing: All HTML pages and PDF documents are indexed during compilation, ensuring speedy searches!

➡️ Enhanced Search Options: Supports logical operators + (AND), OR, – (NOT), quotes (“red apple” for instance) and wildcard searches, with results sorted by relevance and highlighted terms.

Built-in Search

Indeed, when a page from a search result is opened, keywords that were searched for may be highlighted. For PDF documents, keywords are highlighted too:

highlighted words


Organizing Content with Table of Contents (TOC)

➡️ Visual TOC Creation: An integrated editor simplifies TOC authoring, with import/export options for XML files.

As in HTML Help or PDF files, it is possible to include a Table of Contents (TOC) bar in your HTML Executable ebooks. Adding a table of contents to digital publications provides end users with a hierarchical view of the content. Users click a topic listed in the table of contents and are taken directly to the information they are looking for.

TOC Editor

➡️ Customizable TOC: Options for icon customization, sticky view, and context-sensitive features.


➡️ Browse Sequence Inclusion: Navigate through HTML pages in a predefined order.

User Favorites Management in Ebooks

Bookmarking Feature: Similar to web browsers, users can bookmark their favorite HTML or PDF pages for quick access in your ebooks.

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