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Make organized ebooks with integrated search, Table of Contents...

HTML Executable ebooks are not just simple web browsers: they can also provide your end users with additional navigation tools like built-in search, user favorites, etc...

TOC, Favorites, Search


Put search capabilities in your ebooks

HTML Executable can include built-in search facility in your ebooks. End users can then search for occurrences of a word or a phrase through the entire ebook in a very short time.

  • When compiling the digital publication, HTML Executable automatically indexes all HTML pages and PDF documents. It collects all keywords from them and builds a dictionary. This allows very fast searches.
  • It is possible to search through PDF files even if the built-in PDF viewer engine is disabled. In that case, the default PDF reader will be used to display documents when a user clicks a search result.
  • Search queries may also include some logical operators such as + (AND), OR, - (NOT), quotes ("red apple" for instance) and the wild card operators * and ?.
  • Search results are automatically formatted and displayed to the end user in a page. You can of course modify the template of this page if you wish.
  • Search results are sorted by relevance.
  • Search terms may be highlighted in pages. You can also exclude keywords & pages from the index, etc...

Highlighting terms

Organize your ebook and display a Table of Contents

As in HTML Help or PDF files, it is possible to include a Table of Contents (TOC) bar in your HTML Executable ebooks. Adding a table of contents to digital publications provides end users with a hierarchical view of the content. Users click a topic listed in the table of contents and are taken directly to the information they are looking for.

TOC sample
  • Authoring a Table Of Contents is done visually thanks to the integrated editor; you can even import and export XML files:
TOC editor
  • Import your own icon images for the TOC, make it sticky (always visible)... A lot of options are available.
  • The TOC can be context-sensitive: it is automatically synchronized with pages that are displayed.
  • Include a Browse Sequence: HTML pages are displayed in a specific order (there is no need to click hyperlinks to navigate through pages) of your choice.
  • The TOC can be updated at runtime.

Let your users save their favorite HTML pages

Ebooks can manage user favorites: this popular feature is similar to the one in web browsers. Users can bookmark the pages they want and automatically jump to them (this feature is available both for PDF or HTML documents).