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EPub to App

What is EPub to App

Convert ePub ebooks to Secure Applications with HTML Executable

EPub to App is a complimentary free Windows application that facilitates the conversion of eBooks from the EPUB format into secure applications or executable files. This application allows you to open EPUB files, extract all source files, and create HTML Executable projects. With EPub to App and HTML Executable, you can transform your EPUB eBooks into customizable secure applications by protecting their content.

The page navigation and formats of the original EPUB are retained.

EPub To App Screenshot

Main Features of EPub to App

✔️ Safeguard your EPUB source files against decompilation and copying once they are compiled into an application file.

✔️ Create appealing and personalized eBooks utilizing the features of HTML Executable. The skin, menus, toolbars, and windows can be modified to your preference.

✔️ Convert your EPUB eBooks into trial eBooks for potential sale.

✔️ Disable print, select, copy, and print screen key commands.

✔️ Stop screenshots and detect screen capture utilities.

✔️ Incorporate your own menus and toolbar buttons into your eBook navigator.

✔️ Distribute your EPUB eBook files securely. Digital signatures with Authenticode (certificates) are supported.

Transform Your EPUBs into Secure Applications with HTML Executable

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