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Make Registered Versions of Ebooks

Unlock Exclusive Content: Crafting Registered Editions of Ebooks

media securityHTML Executable has a flexible ebook licensing and DRM system, it comes with several tools to:

➡️manage registered users of your ebooks,

➡️control who may access your ebook,

➡️deliver license or activation keys,

➡️block users when a purchase is fraudulent,

and much more…

Certificate Properties

Easy integration with e-vendors such as PayPal, FastSpring: deliver ebooks and keys to customers by email immediately after successful orders.

✅Our ebook protection service Protect Ebook .net offers hassle-free solutions available for less than 1 USD per day!

Create different editions of your ebooks…

Thanks to certificates, you can make different registered versions (Lite, Premium, Commercial, Professional…).

Certificate Manager

For each certificate, you can:

  • select which HTML pages and/or PDF documents should be displayed,
  • set the actions the user will be able to do, printing, copying, selecting text, using mouse context menu or not…

    thanks to security profiles.


The Default certificate lets you create a trial version of your ebook. You can choose not to offer trial possibilities: then, in Default properties, tick "Do not allow access to the publication without prior registration".

A variety of Registration methods…

Registration keys, online activation, passwords… everything is possible with HTML Executable.​

✔️Online activation

After a successful order, you send your customer an activation key to unlock the ebook. You can decide on how many computers this activation key will be usable. For instance, if you set 2 activations, only two computers will be able to open your ebook: your ebook cannot be shared with others.

The activation process is easy and can be automated through the Internet, or Manual for end users who do not have a computer with an Internet connection.

You can accept refunds from customers, block illegal users thanks to the Deactivation feature. You can control access to your publication at each run.

Online activation can be done:

from your server. For advanced users, we provide the activation kit that allows you to install required files on your server and turn it into an activation server.

or from our Protect Ebook .net service. For users who do not want to deal with PHP, server maintenance and installation, databases, Protect Ebook .net is a great deal.

✔️Hardware-locked registration keys  

When your customer runs your ebook for the first time, they will be given a code (his system ID), that they have to give you back. Then, you can create their personal key. This key will only work on their computer.

It won’t work on any other machine, so it becomes useless if it is shared with others.

The key is based on a unique system ID that depends on the user’s computer hardware.

Registration Key Generator

✔️Simple registration keys 

You create registration keys that you give to your customers. Although these keys are personal, they can unlock your ebook on any computer, making the sharing of your ebook possible.

Registration keys can be created online or in mass: we provide scripts in php, C#, Pascal, VB… to all users of the Professional/Commercial editions. You can then integrate these scripts into your own sales system. Registration keys may also be manually created with HTML Executable, as you can see on the screenshot above.

✔️Simple password

You create passwords that you give to your customers. The password can unlock your ebook on any computer, making the sharing of your ebook possible.

➡️Use the key blacklist option for stolen or refunded registration keys.

How can a user register?

The first time the user opens your ebook, a window requiring the registration key will appear, depending on how you have configured the ebook. These windows can be customized at will.

  → if you chose online activation:

activation screen

  → if you chose hardware-locked keys:

The first window will be:

Clicking “Purchase a key online” will lead to your ordering page. Your users have to copy their system ID to place the order. When they get their registration key, they click “Continue” and obtain:

If you offer a trial version

You can also offer a trial version of your ebook. The first time users open your ebook, they will be prompted to choose between the trial version or the registered one:

nag screen

➡️ If your customers do not have a registration key, they will never be able to access to the registered version.

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