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"I want to sell my ebooks and I want to prevent buyers from sharing my ebooks with others."

A solution: using Hardware-locked keys

The other solutions are online activation and dongle protection.

What is a hardware-locked key?

To open your application, users will have to enter an activation key. If he/she does not have a correct key, the application will not open.

A hardware-locked key is a key delivered to a user that will only work on his/her computer. It won't work on any other machine, so it becomes useless if it is shared with others.

The key is based on a unique system ID that depends on the user's computer hardware.

The key blacklist option lets you block stolen or refunded registration keys.


How to configure your ebook to use hardware-locked keys?

In HTML Executable, go to Security tab → Certificates page. Then, tick « Create a restricted publication »:


Double-click on « Registered » in the list of certificates. Choose the « Activation Properties » tab, and tick « Use hardware-locked registration keys »:

Click OK.

Compile your project and it is ready for distribution.


How to generate a hardware-locked key for your customer?

You can distribute your ebook. When your customer runs it, a nag screen will pop up, as in the screenshot:

The customer sends you the system ID (highlighted on this screenshot). Then, you can generate his key with HTML Executable.

Open HTML Executable, in Security tab → Certificates page. Click « Make Key »:

Then, enter the name of your customer, the system ID he sent you, and click Generate:


A registration key is generated, you can send it to your customer. Thus, this key will only work on his computer, your ebook will not work in a registered mode on other PCs.


Offer a trial version or not?

Everything is possible with HTML Executable!

→ If you want to offer a trial version of your ebook to your customers, you can entirely set this version (called the Default one in HTML Executable): define the pages to display, the number of days the trial ebook should be accessible for or the number of runs it can do, add a nag screen... 

→ If you do not want your customers to run your ebook without paying first (no trial possibilities), double-click on Default and tick "Do not allow access to the publication without prior registration":


Looking for a hassle-free, automated solution?

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Protect-ebook.com service manages everything for you:

  • no databases,
  • no web hosting required for PHP scripts,
  • no manual registration keys,
  • no hardware IDs.

It also provides you with a visual manager software for your customers. See an example below: