Encrypt External Files

See also File Properties Editor

If you decide to keep large source files such as audio and video files outside of the publication, you may still want to protect them against copy.

HTML Executable can encrypt external files so that these files can only be opened by the publication. This is a security feature that will help avoid unwanted copying of your publication resources.

About encrypted files

All encrypted external files will get the .HEEC extension and they can only be read by your own publication, not others. For instance, if the original external file is named video.mp4, the encrypted file will be named video.mp4.heec.

How to encrypt external files

Go to the File Manager and click Encrypt External Files. No need to select any file, HTML Executable will list external files for you.

External files are not encrypted when compiling the publication, because they are ignored by the compilation process. So you must do it manually as explained below.

The “Encrypt External Files” utility is displayed: all external files are listed in the “Source Files” column.

External files will be encrypted and copied to the folder specified in the File Properties (generally the same folder as the publication .EXE file or a subfolder). The exact destination is shown in the “Destination Files” column.

You may want not to encrypt all files: only listed files with a checkmark will be processed. You can check/uncheck all files thanks to the Check All button.

To encrypt files, click Encrypt Files Now. A progress dialog box will be shown during the operation as it can take a while depending on the size of your source files.

How to update encrypted files

If you update the source files, be sure to use the Encrypt External Files utility again to encrypt modified files. In fact, compilation does not care about external files so you must manually encrypt them again.

Encrypted files cannot be shared between different publications because they don’t have the same encryption key. Finally, be sure to keep your original source files in a safe place. There is no decryption feature available.

Accessing external encrypted files from the publication

Your publication can automatically load external encrypted files (it recognizes the .HEEC extension) the same way it would load normal external files. Please refer to the corresponding External Files topic about deployment of external files with your publication.

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