Ebook and HTML Compiler Software

Turn PDF documents into secure stand-alone ebook viewers

HTML Executable creates ebooks not only with HTML pages but also with PDF files.

  • HTML Executable lets you build stand-alone ebook viewer software by turning PDF files into EXE applications. The resulting application is stand-alone and does not rely on any third-party PDF reader like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader...
  • You can compile several PDF documents into one single EXE file. As for HTML pages, PDF documents are secured because they are compressed and encrypted.
  • The built-in PDF engine used by HTML Executable handles almost all PDF documents fine: PDF files created by popular printer drivers, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office or OpenOffice should be displayed and printed fine. However, PDF files created by imaging and advanced publishing tools may not be properly displayed. If this is the case, printing your PDF document using a printer driver such as PDF Creator may help.
  • A lot of PDF tools are available for your end users: thumbnails, bookmarks, text selection, page printing, page navigation, zoom in and out functions...
pdf to exe
  • Using this built-in PDF viewer lets you keep your PDF documents as secure as possible: they are not unpacked to the hard disk, so they cannot be copied.
  • Non-Latin characters are correctly rendered by the PDF engine. HTML Executable comes with a sample with various PDF documents that lets you test the PDF engine's robustness.
  • PDF files are indexed by the built-in search facility like HTML pages and included in search results. Click Search in the toolbar and enter anything that you want to search. HTML Executable will automatically search through the entire collection of PDF files that were compiled in the ebook. Of course, you can exclude PDF files from being indexed if you want.
  • You can directly link to specific pages by number or named locations in compiled PDF files.
  • HTML Executable's security profiles can be applied to PDF documents too: you can restrict access to PDF documents, define user rights like text copying, page printing...
  • Create Trial ebooks with your PDF files: you can set up expiration dates, configure user limitations, control who may access your ebook thanks to online activation, and hardware-locked keys...
  • Distribute your PDF documents more easily on CD-ROM or online. Forget about other redistributables or third-party application requirements since the PDF rendering engine is stand-alone.