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CHM To Exe

Download CHM To Exe

To install CHM To Exe onto your computer, you have to download the installer file.

➡️Click this button to download CHM To Exe to your computer:

Requires Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 or 7 at least.

Files are digitally signed (with Microsoft Authenticode) to authenticate our company (G.D.G. Software) as well as to ensure that the code has not been altered. Please verify the publisher to ensure you have downloaded genuine software.

Download Info:

  • Filename: CHM2EXES.EXE
  • File size: 2.0 Mb
  • SHA1 hash: B49CF0C401B3969C8EAFDDAA014EA1F43D5BA483
  • Version reference: 2.0.0.

👉 Once your download is complete, run CHM2EXES.EXE (this installer was built with Paquet Builder) and follow the instructions displayed step-by-step by the Setup Wizard.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 11, 10, 8, Windows 7 or higher.
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 6 MB free space. More will be required for unpacking CHM source files.
  • HTML Executable 2024 or higher: Chm To Exe is an add-on for HTML Executable; therefore HTML Executable is required in order to generate executable files. Download it here.

Remove CHM To Exe

To uninstall CHM To Exe, select the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Windows Control Panel (or Programs, Installed Programs in Windows 7, 8), then highlight CHM To Exe and click the Remove button (it may change with different versions of Windows).

Note: CHM To Exe stores its preferences in userprefer.xml available in the subfolder named “GDG Software\CHM2Exe”, located in the Windows Application Data folder.
On Windows 8/7: C:\Users\[User Name]\appdata\roaming\GDG Software\CHM2Exe

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