Ebook and HTML Compiler Software

Interact with the end user, display splash screens, use scripting...

  • Create fully customizable ebooks and applications: almost everything may be tailored according to your needs! Add buttons, menu commands, splash screen, status bar, message boxes...
  • Display readme texts, message boxes and splash screens.
  • Modify the behavior of your digital publications and interact with end users thanks to the internal script language HEScript. HTML Executable comes with an integrated script editor that allows you to extend the functionality of the ebooks. HEScript and JavaScript can work together:
script editor
  • Ebooks support some great features like Print Preview (in Internet Explorer and HTML Viewer publications).
  • Display your own splash screen and a progress bar during file extraction for Self-Extracting publications. You can, moreover, create publications that support silent extraction: once end users have started your publication, files are directly unpacked and the Web browser will be immediately displayed.
  • Self-Extracting publications can display the Web browser in kiosk mode as well and also support disabling the PRINT SCREEN key.
  • Generate context-sensitive documentation (an important feature of help files in particular), that displays the help page related to what the user is doing. HTML Executable automatically generates map files with topic IDs that you can use in your own applications. The help documentation of HTML Executable was, of course, compiled with HTML Executable and it is context-sensitive : if you are using such dialog or feature, the documentation will automatically display the related page when you click Help or press F1. An SDK with some samples is available upon request, so you can directly integrate ebooks with your applications.
  • Thanks to HEScript, your ebooks can perform additional tasks like launching external programs (useful for AUTORUN programs) and opening document files, reading/writing to the Windows registry, prompting end users, exporting files, using the standard file open/save dialog boxes...