Ebook and HTML Compiler Software

Compile websites into compact ebooks in .exe format

  • Turn your websites into single Windows executable files, real applications called ebooks or digital publications - for easy, secure and fast distribution to your customers, colleagues, friends, and other users:
Ebook as EXE
  • All website files including HTML pages, images, graphics, JavaScript scripts, PDF files, audio files, Flash objects, video, CSS, Java applets, Silverlight applications and other files are stored inside the ebook .exe file so you do not have to distribute them.
  • Inside HTML Executable digital publications, your websites are protected against external modifications and truncated downloads because publications check their integrity before running.
  • Make compact ebooksCreate compact ebooks without losing performance! Your website files are strongly compressed using algorithms such as LZMA, PPMD that easily beat the standard Zip deflate method. HTML Executable uses its own archive format so end users cannot unpack your ebooks with their Zip/Unzip utility or view their contents.
  • Ebooks have support for HTML 4.0 and HTML5 if you have a recent Windows version (or with IE9 or higher) installed, graphics, image and sound files, animated GIF, cascading style sheets CSS, Adobe Flash SWF files (player is required), Adobe Acrobat PDF (HTML Executable has a built-in PDF reader), Flash video FLV, Microsoft Office documents like Microsoft Office PowerPoint PPT / PPTX, Word DOC / DOCX, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, simple Java applets, sound and music files like WMA, WMP, MP3 (if Windows Media Player is available), MID, WAV, AVI, Silverlight XAP and XAML... You can create full-featured and media-rich ebooks!
  • Secure ebooksOnce your HTML pages and PDF documents have been compiled into a publication, end users will not be able to extract and reuse HTML, PDF and graphic source files; in fact IE and HTML Viewer publications do not require files to be extracted for displaying them (they directly read data from memory). This feature is obviously not available with Self-Extracting publications.
  • Create publications with an unlimited number of files (according to computer configurations) up to 4 GB. Digital publications accept long filenames and even same filenames for files if they are in different folders!
  • Ability to work with multiple folders and sub-folders: HTML Executable stores path information and saves the structure of your websites without any additional operations. You can also include files from any location on your computer and define their virtual path to access them in ebooks:
Complex Folder Structure

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