Steps to upgrade an older installation

You are using the older version of HTML Executable Activation Kit, and you want to upgrade your installation to this new release. Please follow the steps below.

First, be sure to backup your database and local files. The following steps are indicative only: if you have made your own modifications to scripts or the database's structure for instance, please be careful.

Installing new files

You should first install new files and replace old ones. Please follow the usual step:

img Step 1: install the activation system's scripts and files on the server

Upgrading the database

Since HTML Executable 4 handles Unicode, your database should be upgraded to UTF-8 format. Moreover, new columns were added in order to handle new features like deactivation or validation.

1) Start phpMyAdmin on your server and select your old database. In our sample, the database was named "myheak".

2) Click SQL SQL. Copy and paste the following SQL query:


And validate.

3) Click SQL SQL again. Copy and paste the following SQL query:

ALTER TABLE `heusers` ADD `lastdeactiv` datetime DEFAULT NULL, ADD `lastverif` datetime DEFAULT NULL

The database should be ready.

Modifying configuration files

Follow next steps:

img Step 3: configure the mandatory settings

img Step 4: set up activation settings for a given publication on the server

img Step 5: configure your publication with HTML Executable

img Step 6: PayPal configuration and Buy Now button creation steps


This is the online documentation of the HTML Executable Activation Kit.

About this Activation Kit

HTML Executable is an ebook compiler that lets you build secure ebooks with your websites, HTML or PDF documents. The generated ebooks can work with online activation: you can create trial or restricted versions of your ebooks, and offer them for public downloads. After purchase, customers can activate their ebook thanks to an activation code on a given number of computers only. Moreover, you can control who may read your ebook, block access at any time and authorize refunds to your customers. Everything is automated thanks to this activation kit.

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