Step 5: configure your publication with HTML Executable

Configure your registered certificate

1) Edit the HEPX project file of your publication with HTML Executable 4. Go to "Security > Certificates".


Double-click on the Registered certificate you want to add online activation to.

2) Write the certificate ID down because it is required each time you add a user to the database.

certificate ID

Choose "Activation Properties".

3) Select "Online Activation" as the method for activation and enter the URL to the folder dedicated to your publication on your server. In our tutorial, since the folder was "publication2", the URL would be "".


WARNING: the URL should be pointing to a directory, not a file.

http://path/to/heakdist/mypublication/ is correct

http://path/to/heakdist/mypublication/heactivate.php is wrong.

4) Click OK and rebuild your publication.

Now you need to add users to your database. It can be manually done with the online administration panel or automatically with scripts like the ones we provide for PayPal.

img Step 6: set up PayPal automation scripts - OPTIONAL

img Use the administration panel


This is the online documentation of the HTML Executable Activation Kit.

About this Activation Kit

HTML Executable is an ebook compiler that lets you build secure ebooks with your websites, HTML or PDF documents. The generated ebooks can work with online activation: you can create trial or restricted versions of your ebooks, and offer them for public downloads. After purchase, customers can activate their ebook thanks to an activation code on a given number of computers only. Moreover, you can control who may read your ebook, block access at any time and authorize refunds to your customers. Everything is automated thanks to this activation kit.

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