Welcome to the HTML Executable Activation Kit!


HTML Executable and its activation kit are robust tools designed to safeguard your ebooks, handle digital rights for your HTML, ebook, and PDF publications, and even facilitate the sale of licenses using PayPal.


With HTML Executable, it is possible to create restricted publications. For example, a full publication or ebook can be transformed into an evaluation version and several registered editions using certificates and security profiles. To grant the end user access to a registered edition of the publication, a registration key can be sent or online activation can be used. The latter requires a remote server and dedicated programs on it.


👉 This activation kit provides guidance on setting up the necessary files and programs on the server to process activation requests from publications. Combined with the licensing features of HTML Executable, online activation becomes a breeze, ensuring only authorized users gain access to your invaluable content. 


💡Note: For end users who are not familiar with or do not want to deal with PHP, server maintenance, installation, databases, etc., please refer to our hassle-free and inexpensive solution called Protect Ebook.net. Protect Ebook.net offers an easy way to integrate activation and other security features of HTML Executable into ebooks without installing the activation kit. It also integrates seamlessly with PayPal, E-junkie, FastSpring, and other e-commerce vendors. End users can be managed through a visual interface without any scripting or server requirements. Everything is automated and there is no need for any installation. Learn more about the Protect Ebook.net service.

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