We need to create and set up a database where activation data will be stored.


1.Log in to your hosting provider's control panel.

2.Navigate to the "Databases" section and select "MySQL Databases".

3.Enter a name for your new database and click "Create Database".

4.Once the database has been created, you will need to create a user and grant them access to the database. Follow the prompts to create a new user and assign them to the database.

5.When choosing a collation for your database, it is recommended to use `utf8mb4_unicode_ci` as it supports Unicode and is compatible with the HTML Executable Activation Kit.


💡All data should be stored in UTF-8 format since HTML Executable handles Unicode.


👉 If you already have an existing database from the version 1.0 of the HTML Executable Activation Kit, it is possible to reuse it. This database should contain only one table named `heusers`.  In this case, do not delete this table as the application installer is capable of importing existing data into the new version of the Activation Kit.


👉 Configuration With The Installer