In the HTML Executable Activation Kit, software, clients (users) are managed within the Clients page.



This page lists all of the clients that may activate one or more ebook / publication software. Click New Client to add a new one, or Edit to modify the seleted one.


💡To delete one or more client(s), you must select them and click the menu icon to have "Delete selected". Then, confirm the deletion.


Add or modify a client


When adding or modifying a Client, you can input details of the customer.


Name: a mandatory field that represents the full name of the client.


Email: Another mandatory field, the email address serves as a primary contact method for the client. It may also be used for sending activation keys if enabled for PayPal purchases.

Company Name: An optional field where you can input the name of the company or organization the client is associated with.


👉 Once the Software and Client records are available, you can use them to create licenses with the License page.