Here is a combined list of prerequisites and PHP extensions required for installing the HTML Executable Activation Kit:


Access to a web server with SSH and/or FTP.

PHP version 8.2 or higher.

Composer, a dependency manager for PHP.

A database with MySQL support. The size of the database depends on your needs.

A program that allows you to configure/manage the database, such as phpMyAdmin.

Optional: A PayPal Business account if you want to use PayPal automation features.


The following PHP extensions are required:


Ctype PHP Extension

cURL PHP Extension

DOM PHP Extension

Fileinfo PHP Extension

Filter PHP Extension

Hash PHP Extension

Mbstring PHP Extension

OpenSSL PHP Extension

PCRE PHP Extension

PDO (+ PDO MySQL) PHP Extension

Session PHP Extension

Tokenizer PHP Extension

XML PHP Extension


✔ The installer of the application will check for dependencies and indicate any that are missing. This means that during the installation process, the installer will verify that all required dependencies are present on the server. If any dependencies are missing, the installer will notify you.


👉 To begin, start the installation of the activation kit on your server