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Security and Trial Options For Ebooks and Apps





HTML Executable is an unmatched tool in providing powerful security features for your eBooks and digital publications. It offers an array of options that can be adapted to fit your specific needs, enhancing the protection of your digital content. These features can even be combined for superior control and security.


📹 Consider viewing our video tutorial on how to convert an eBook into an evaluation version and understand how to select which pages should be accessible in this trial. For instance, if you aim to offer a trial or evaluation version of your eBook on your website for public download, you might want to lock certain crucial pages. You can freely offer the first 3 chapters to your end users, and when they purchase your eBook, send them a key to unlock the remaining chapters.


Here are the different options you have with HTML Executable to enhance your eBook's security:


Single Computer Accessibility: If you desire for your eBook to be accessible on one computer only, making sharing of your production impossible:

o👉 Use hardware-locked keys with the Certificates page


Remote eBook Management: If you wish to remotely manage your eBook, lock/unlock your publication, control the number of activations of your eBook:

o👉 Use online activation with the Certificates page


Prevent Content Capture: If you want to stop content capture, prevent screenshots or blacklist screen grabbers:

o👉 Use the eBook Content Protection features of HTML Executable.


Fully Secured eBooks: If you aim to create fully-secured eBooks without having to manage anything:

o👉 Benefit from our Protect Ebook .net service


Trial Version Creation: If you want to create a trial version of your eBook:

o👉 Use Certificates to make a Default version and one (or more) Registered version(s)


o👉 Use security profiles to lock some pages or functionalities in these pages


Expiration: If you want your eBook to expire:

o👉 Use Certificates to make the eBook expire after a given number of days or runs


o👉 Use: "Set a global expiration date" in the Global Protection page if you want your eBook to expire at a given date


Action Restrictions: If you wish to restrict the actions your customers can do:

o👉 Use security profiles to restrict the actions your customers can do in some pages, such as printing, copying, selecting text


o👉 Use "Disable the PRINT SCREEN key" in the Global Protection page


o👉 Use "Only one instance of the publication can be run at a time" in the Global Protection page to prevent your customers from running several times your application at the same time


Dongle Requirement: If you want your eBook to be accessible only when a dongle is inserted:

o👉 Link the Publication to a Dongle in the Dongle Protection page


          Lock an ebook to a USB stick

o👉 See how to lock an ebook app to a USB stick (the ebook will not open if the appropriate USB stick is not plugged in).


Password Protection: If you wish to password protect your eBook: after the payment of your customer, you send them the password. Wildcards are accepted and you can even generate passwords in mass.

o👉 Use Global password in the Global Protection page


  With HTML Executable, you're in full control of your eBook's security. Make the most out of these features to protect your content, manage accessibility, and ensure your eBook's safety in the digital space!


The following topics explain security features in details:


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