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Making Registration Keys for Your Ebooks





When a user purchases your publication or ebook made with HTML Executable, providing them with a registration key is essential for accessing the registered version (activating a registered certificate). HTML Executable offers flexible options for creating and delivering these keys, allowing you to streamline the activation process and enhance security.


Manual Key Creation with HTML Executable


Generating registration keys manually is straightforward. You can create keys by clicking the "Make Key" button in the Security => Certificates page, using the Key Generator button in the Security tab, or by pressing CTRL+K.



The Key Generator prompts you to enter the user's name, optional company name, and their system ID. Upon generating the key, you can copy it to the clipboard or save it as a text file for distribution.


ℹ️ Note: Registration key data is saved in UTF-8 format.


💡 Tip: Enable the "Use short 10-digit keys instead of normal ones" option in the Certificates page to generate shorter registration keys.


Licensing of Portable Publications


For portable publications, registration information is stored in a license file. HTML Executable simplifies this process by generating the license file directly in the same folder as the publication EXE file. If you are using hardware-locked keys, the system ID can be automatically determined, or you can retrieve it from the disk on which the publication EXE file is created.


ℹ️ Info: Learn more about locking a publication to a specific USB drive in the portable publication topic.


Additional Key Generation Options


HTML Executable provides various options for creating keys manually or in bulk:


ØThe Professional/Commercial editions offer a stand-alone portable key generator, available in the User Account page.

ØRegistered users can access scripts (PHP, C#, Pascal, VB, and VBA) for generating keys online on a web server. These scripts can be integrated into your own registration system.

ØSubscribers to Protect Ebook .net can generate registration keys using the Protect Ebook .net client.

ØTo verify the integrity of an uninstall confirmation code (deactivation feature), you can use the dedicated function provided in the key generator scripts or the HTML Executable Activation Kit.


Delivering Keys Online After Payment


If you want to deliver registration keys to customers immediately after orders and prevent unauthorized distribution, HTML Executable offers an online simulation using the key generator PHP script. This simulation showcases the delivery process and the usage of hardware-locked registration keys.


💡 Tip: Explore the working sample of the online key delivery process here.


Alternatively, you can utilize the online activation feature if you have the HTML Executable Activation Kit or a subscription to Protect Ebook .net.