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Certificates - Trial Options





What are Certificates


Certificates in HTML Executable are an essential component in the management and distribution of your ebooks and publications. They function as digital doors, enabling access to your work for authorized users, i.e., those who have paid for your content.

  Learn more about certificates and what are Default / Registered certificates.


This page explains how to utilize HTML Executable's Certificate Manager to control and manage your certificate list.


You can manage your publication or ebook's certificates on the "Security => Certificates" page:



Managing Certificates


ØTo add a new certificate, click 'Add' and input the name of your new certificate. Only alphanumeric characters and spaces are permitted.

ØTo modify the properties of a certificate, either double-click on it or select it and click 'Configure'.

ØTo delete a certificate, select it and click 'Remove'. Remember that the Default certificate cannot be removed and there should always be at least one Registered certificate.

ØTo create a key for a certificate, select it and click 'Make Key'. The key generator will be displayed.

ØTo reset the evaluation period on your own computer, click 'Advanced Options' in the ribbon and then 'Reset'.

ØTo decide how the unique system ID is created, click 'Advanced Options' and select an option.

ØIf you wish to generate shorter registration keys, enable the 'Use short 10-digit keys instead of normal ones' option.


  Also refer to the 'Certificate Properties' section for more details.