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About Hardware-locked Keys for Ebooks





Preventing unauthorized distribution and fraudulent purchases is crucial for protecting your ebooks. HTML Executable offers the capability to configure your publication or ebook with hardware-locked keys. These keys are unique to each user's computer system, ensuring that the registered version of your ebook can only be accessed on the authorized device.


ℹ️ Info: Hardware-locked keys are designed to restrict the usage of registration keys to a specific computer system.


Configuring Your Ebook with Hardware-Locked Keys


You can easily enable or disable the use of hardware-locked keys through the properties of the certificate in HTML Executable. By configuring your ebook to work with hardware-locked keys, you enhance the security of your digital content.


💡 Note: Online activation internally utilizes hardware-locked keys by default.


Customizing the Unique System ID Calculation


To compute the unique system ID for hardware-locked keys, HTML Executable takes into account various properties of the user's hardware components. You have the flexibility to customize the properties used for system ID calculation through the Advanced Options in the Security page of HTML Executable:



⚠️ Warning: Not all disks or USB sticks have a manufacturer serial number. To verify whether a disk has a manufacturer serial number, you can use the Disk Information tool (in the File menu) provided with HTML Executable.


The available options for unique system ID calculation include:


ØUse the HD serial number: Based on the volume ID assigned to the main hard disk in Windows.

ØUse the Manufacturer-allocated serial number: Retrieves the manufacturer-allocated serial number of the disk on which the EXE file is located (applicable for portable publication or the first available hard disk).

ØUse CPU ID and info: Retrieves CPU specifications.

ØUse combination: CPU ID and info + Manufacturer-allocated serial number.

ØUse MAC address: Utilizes the MAC address of the computer's network card (if available).

ØUse a custom script: This option is for advanced users and requires assistance from the technical support team.