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Quickly Add HEScript Code





This tutorial will walk you through the process of extending the functionality of your ebook application using HEScript. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this guide will make the process of adding HEScript functions or procedures to your application a breeze.


Adding HEScript Code to Your Application 📝


Suppose you've found some useful HEScript code on our forum that you'd like to incorporate into your application. Here's how you can do it:


  Open HTML Executable and navigate to Application Settings => Scripting.

  Double-click on `UserMain` in the list to open the script editor.



👉 For a comprehensive overview of the script editor and its features, check out our Script Editor Guide.


  Paste the entire function you want to use into the editor. For example, the following HEScript code returns the path to the "My Documents" directory:


function GetDocPath: String;
Result := GetSpecialFolderPath(16);


  Click Save Script. Voila! Your script is ready to use!


Executing Your HEScript Code 🚀


You can use JavaScript or HTML links to invoke your HEScript functions or procedures.


👉 Visit our JavaScript-HEScript Guide for examples and syntax details.


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