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How to prompt end users for their name once and store it?





📚This guide will walk you through a script that accomplishes the following objectives:


ØPrompts the end user to enter their name the first time the publication runs.

ØStores the user's name into a persistent global variable.

ØDisplays the user's name in an HTML page.


Getting Started


We will be using a global variable named "TheUserName".


Step 1: Writing the Script ✍️


Navigate to the Script Manager, double click on "UserMain" and copy/paste this script in the OnPubLoaded function event:


function OnPubLoaded: Boolean;
var S: String;
// Checks whether the user was already prompted.
// If the TheUserName global variable already has a value, then we do not
// prompt the user again.
if GetGlobalVar("TheUserName", "") <> "" then exit;
// Prompts the user then:
S := InputBox("Welcome!"#13#10"Please enter your name:", "What is your name", "");
// If the user does not give a name, set it to "Mysterious user"...
if S = "" then
S := "Mysterious user"
// Stores the result only if the user has given a name.
// So he/she will still be prompted the next time.
SetGlobalVar("TheUserName", S, True);
// True means that the global variable is stored.
// When the publication is starting and before the homepage is displayed.
// Set Result to True if you want to exit immediately without any warning.
Result := False;


Step 2: Displaying the Name in an HTML Page 🖥️


Use this JavaScript code:


function DemoCallback(content) {
htmlexe.GetGlobalVariable('TheUserName', '', DemoCallback);


Additional Notes 📝


You can customize this example as per your needs. For instance, instead of using a dialog box, you could display an HTML page at startup.