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How to prompt for a password for closing ebook?





This is a tutorial on how to request a password to enable users to exit your HTML Executable ebook. This tutorial will guide you through the steps in a clear and concise manner. Let's begin!


The Objective 🎯


You want to prompt for a password to allow users to close your ebook. This can be achieved by making some changes to your HEScript script.


Step-by-Step Guide 📝


Step 1: Open Your HTML Executable Project 📂


Open your HTML Executable project and navigate to the Script Manager. Double-click the "UserMain" script to open the script editor.


Step 2: Replace the Existing OnWindowCloseQuery Block Code 🖋️


In the script editor, replace the existing `OnWindowCloseQuery` block code with the following code:


function OnWindowCloseQuery(WindowName: String): Boolean;
 S: String;
 // Occurs when the user wants to close the window.
 // Note: set to False if you do not want to close the window.
 S := InputBox("To exit, please enter the password", "Security", "");
 Result := S = "OurPassword"; // replace OurPassword by what you want. Do not remove quotes.


Don't forget to save your script!


Compile your project and that's it!


👉 Please note that the ebook will be automatically closed without password if the user shuts down their computer.