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Manage SVG Images





The HTML Executable SVG Image Manager is a versatile tool for managing all SVG images and icons that can be used in different parts of a compiled HTML application or ebook. This includes, but is not limited to, buttons on ribbons or toolbar icons (Navigation Bar) or items in the Table of Contents. You can access it thanks to the Manage SVG Images button in Application Settings => Components.



Why Use SVG Format?


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a widely adopted image format due to its versatility and scalability. SVG images can be automatically resized by the HTML Executable application or ebook, according to the user's screen resolution. This flexibility enhances user experience as the images maintain their high-quality details, regardless of the screen size or resolution.


Managing SVG Images


The HTML Executable SVG Image Manager provides a straightforward interface for adding, removing, or replacing SVG images. Here's how:


1.Adding Images: Use the provided "Add" button to include a new SVG image in your project. Navigate to the image location on your device, select it, and confirm the addition.

2.Removing Images: Select the image you want to remove from the list, then click the "Delete" button. Clear will empty the entire list.

3.Replacing Images: To replace an image, first select it from the list, then click the "Replace" button. Navigate to the new image location on your device, select it, and confirm the replacement.


Each SVG image in the manager is identified by a unique number in the list, which is used by certain interface controls to associate the corresponding image.


Importing and Exporting SVG Images


  The HTML Executable SVG Image Manager allows you to import and export all project images in ZIP files. This feature facilitates the sharing and reusing of icons among different projects.


  In addition, you can save the SVG image library in HTML Executable's proprietary format with the .HEIMG extension. By default, the icon library can be found in the software's installation subdirectory: `C:\Program Files (x86)\HTML Executable 2023\Resources\SVG`. Those who wish to customize the images that are loaded by default in a new project can modify this file accordingly.