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Menu and Button Actions





In the menu editor and/or button editor, when you create menu items, buttons, you must associate an action that will be performed when the user clicks the button/menu item:



How to define an action


Select the component (button, image or menu item) to make the Actions panel active.

Choose the action you want to be executed: `Standard Action`, `Go to a page/url`, `Execute an HEScript Function`, and finally `Execute JavaScript Code`.

Be sure to click `Apply Changes` to save your settings before selecting another control or exiting the editor.


Available Actions


Standard Action


Lets you choose a pre-defined action in the list:


Go Home






Select All




Zoom In

Zoom Out

Reset Zoom


Exit Application

Print to PDF

Show/Hide Favorites

Show/Hide TOC

Show/Hide Search

Go to web homepage

Remember last viewed page (special)

Unlock this application

Deactivate this application

Check for updates


Go to a page/url


Lets you open the page or the URL specified in the application’s browser. You can optionally indicate a target: `_heexternal` (open the URL in the external default web browser) or `_henewinstance` (start a new instance of the application and open the URL). Finally, if you use frames, the destination frame's name can be indicated.


This is not the way to open a popup. See below.


Do not enter something else for frame if there is no frame in your current webpage. Otherwise, nothing will happen.


Execute an HEScript Function


Lets you associate an HEScript script procedure or function to the button/menu item/timer.


Syntax: `[scriptname].[functionname]`


Execute JavaScript Code


This will run the specified JavaScript code. It must be real JS code and not just the name of a JS function. The code is executed in the context of the current HTML page.


Open a page in a popup


To open a new window or popup, JavaScript code must be used. Choose Execute JavaScript Code and type the following code for instance:'','preview','width=1000,height=700');