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User Favorite Manager for your Ebook





Ebooks or publications developed with HTML Executable support a feature that your audience is already familiar with: favorites, or bookmarks. This feature functions similarly to how bookmarks operate in popular browsers like Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, making it an intuitive tool for users navigating through your digital content.



Disabling the Favorite Manager


While there are no direct settings to modify how the Favorite Manager functions, it's possible to remove it completely if it doesn't serve your needs. By following these steps, you can eliminate the Favorite Manager from your ebook or publication:


1.Navigate to `Application Settings => Visual Controls`.

2.Set the `NoFavorites` property of the `Menu Bar` to `True`.


By doing this, you ensure that the Favorite Manager doesn't appear in your ebook or publication. This can help keep your user interface streamlined and focused on the essentials if bookmarking isn't a feature you want to offer.