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Cloning a project





Have you ever wanted to compile a website using the settings from an existing project? With HTML Executable, it's entirely possible, thanks to the Clone Project feature. This powerful feature enables you to create a replica of an existing project with a new source folder, maintaining the original project's settings. It is also handy when you need to shift your files to another directory.


Accessing the Clone Project Feature


You can access this feature in just a couple of clicks:


1.Open HTML Executable.

2.Click the File menu, select "Project" and then click "Clone Project".


Step-by-Step Guide to Cloning a Project


Here's a walkthrough on how to use the Clone Project feature:


ØOpen the project file: Start by opening the project file that you intend to clone.

ØInitiate cloning: Navigate to the File menu and select the "Clone Project" command. A window will pop up providing some instructions. Proceed by clicking Continue.

ØSelect the new index page: At this stage, you'll need to specify the HTML file that will serve as the index page for your new cloned publication. The folder containing this page will automatically become the new source folder.

ØEnter the filename for the new project: You'll then be prompted to provide a filename for your new project.

ØAllow the cloning process to complete: HTML Executable will initiate a new project, applying the settings from the original project, and then scan the new source folder. Once the process is complete, the project file is saved and then reloaded for memory optimization.


Please note that the Clone Project feature does not retain the original project's file list. Therefore, some links used in options like the Table of Contents may be disrupted. As a result, you might need to make some additional modifications to fix these links manually.