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How to use ebooks as help files for my application?





HTML Executable allows you to convert your HTML help files into standalone applications. This guide will walk you through the process of using ebooks as help files for your application.


Converting CHM to EXE


HTML help files (CHM) can be converted to HTML Executable projects with the free CHM to Exe add-on. CHM To Exe (or Chm2exe) is a free program that allows you to convert Microsoft HTML Help files (.chm) into stand-alone applications (.exe). With this program, you can open CHM files, explore them, extract all source files, or create related HTML Executable projects.


Integrating Ebooks with Your Applications


HTML Executable lets you compile help files or documentation in HTML format for your applications. You can use the HTML Executable APIs to open help publications, tell them which help topic should be displayed, close them when your application is closed, etc. This allows you to integrate publications and ebooks with your own applications.


Ebooks and publications made with HTML Executable have extensive API and command-line support:


ØEach page compiled in an ebook receives a unique map ID. HTML Executable generates a list of all of these map IDs called a map file. You can configure HTML Executable to export the map file in common programming languages like Pascal, VB, C++ that can be directly integrated into your application's project.

ØYou can create context-sensitive help files by always displaying the requested page immediately even if the publication is already launched thanks to API or command-line options.

ØCommand line is especially useful with the "Only one instance of the publication" option (available in Security -> Global Protection). For instance, if you launch your publication again with different command line arguments, the second and subsequent invocation of the EXE doesn't start a new instance, but uses the one that's already running and only changes the page displayed in it according to the command line.


Finally, the HTML Executable API SDK is available to registered users on request if you want to get deeper integration.