Ebook and HTML Compiler Software

Run compiled websites and ebooks from CD-ROM or USB disks easily

  • Publish your websites and ebooks on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM easily thanks to the Distribute Publication tools of HTML Executable.
  • Websites compiled with HTML Executable require no installation and can be run directly from a CD: you only need to burn the executable file generated by HTML Executable.
  • HTML Executable lets you create portable versions of your publications:
    • no installation is required, your publication can be stored on a removable device such as USB flash drive, enabling it to be used on multiple computers.
    • settings are stored with the software (i.e. they are written to the USB drive). No registry is used in that case.
    • no modification is made to any PC the publication is run on after being used.

    Moreover, a portable and restricted publication can be configured to run only on a given USB drive. Thus, copying it to another disk will make it unregistered or unusable. Steps are explained in the documentation.

  • HTML Executable can automatically generate AUTORUN.INF files (used by the Windows Autorun feature) for you so your compiled website starts immediately when the disk is inserted.
  • Or distribute your publications with installers (HTML Executable can create Paquet Builder projects ready to be built).