Ebook and HTML Compiler Software

Customize the toolbar and menubar of your ebooks

  • Make your own menu bar: always wanted to put your own menu commands in a menu bar? HTML Executable provides you with a visual menu editor that lets you insert your own menu items and associate HTML pages or script commands to them. No JavaScript or external ActiveX control is required! Menus are automatically rendered thanks to our skin engine.
  • What about having a button that links to your homepage in the toolbar? Now this is possible thanks to HTML Executable and its toolbar editor:
Toolbar Editor
  • Insert your own buttons in the toolbar! You can associate HTML pages, PDF files and script commands to these buttons which are also rendered using our skin engine. Create navigation toolbars easily!
  • Menu bars and tool bars support semi-transparency, visual effects rendered on any Windows version... They can also be hidden if you wish.
  • Toolbar buttons handle alpha-blended icons loaded from 32-bit PNG files.