Visual Controls

Introduction to Visual Controls

Applies to HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

Thanks to this page, you can customize the user interface of your publication / ebook from A to Z. Any component can be modified with the object editor available.

Introduction to the object editor

The object editor is divided in two parts: on the left you can find the component browser, and on the right the component properties editor.

  • The component browser lists all of the components of the user interface that may be customized. Each component has its own properties and can be configured with the properties editor. To edit the properties of a component, just select it in the list.

  • The properties editor lets you modify the properties of the selected component: it works like the one you can find in Paquet Builder. If you are not familiar with this grid editor, see below for a brief description about how it works. Warning: all changes made are directly saved!

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How does the Properties Editor work?

The Properties Editor enables you to set properties for the selected component. By setting properties you are defining the state of a component. If the Properties are arranged by name, the first column lists the names of the selected action’s properties. If a plus sign (+) appears beside a property name, this can be clicked to display the sub-properties of that property. These can be a list of possible values when the property represents a set of flags, or sub properties if the property represents an object (the value column gives the name of the object, enclosed in parentheses). Similarly, if a minus sign (-) appears, this can be clicked to collapse the sub properties. When a property has focus, you can also use the keyboard + and - keys to expand or collapse properties.

The second column displays the property values. When the property is selected, the value changes to an edit control where you can type a new value. If the value can be set using a dialog, a small button appears when the property is selected. Click this button to display a dialog where you can set the property.

If the value is an enumerated type, a drop-down button appears when the property is selected. Click this button to display a drop-down list that you can use to set the property.

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