Trial - Managing Certificates

In the “Security => Certificates” page as shown below, you can manage the certificates of your publication or ebook.


  • To add a new certificate, click Add and enter the name of your new certificate. Only alphanumeric characters and spaces are allowed.

  • To configure the properties of a certificate, either double-click on it or select it and click Configure.

  • To remove a certificate, select it and click Remove. Note that the Default certificate cannot be removed, and you should always have at least one Registered certificate.

  • To make a key for a certificate, please select it and click “Make Key”. The key generator will be displayed.

  • To reset the evaluation period on your own computer, click Advanced Options in the ribbon and Reset.

  • To determine how the unique system ID is generated, you can click Advanced Options and choose one option.

  • To make shorter registration keys, enable “Use short 10-digit keys instead of normal ones”.

See also Certificate Properties

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