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Using Web Update





Stay Up-to-Date with HTML Executable's Web Update Utility


HTML Executable offers a utility called Web Update to help you ensure that your version of HTML Executable always has the latest updates. Not only does it keep your software current, but it can also provide you with additional resources, making your work easier and more efficient.


What Does Web Update Do?


The Web Update tool scans your current HTML Executable installation and provides a curated selection of updates that are relevant to the HTML Executable version installed on your system.


The utility's abilities aren't limited to basic updates, though. It can also fetch extra files not included in the original distribution, like additional tutorials, different CEF flavors, skin editor, documentation, or resources files. This way, you can personalize your HTML Executable experience by choosing the additional packages you want to download and install on your computer.


Please be assured that during this entire process, no private or personal data is transmitted to the server.


How to Use Web Update?


Using the Web Update utility is a simple and straightforward process:


ØRun HTML Executable.

ØClick on the "Tools" menu.

ØSelect "Launch Web Update".


By following these steps, you can access and benefit from all the latest updates and features that HTML Executable has to offer.