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This is the online documentation of HTML Executable.




HTML Executable™ is a versatile and feature-packed HTML to EXE software compiler. It lets you turn HTML and/or PDF documents, simple or complex websites into stand-alone Windows applications for the desktop called digital publications or ebooks. It works on all recent Windows versions, including Windows 11.


Why would you possibly want to compile your website or webpage in an executable file? Here are a couple of reasons: you want to show off your work without the slightest chance of anyone reading your html code or stealing images; you need to show a website to someone who doesn't have a browser or you want people to see the website exactly as it looks in Internet Explorer; you want to develop desktop applications, make digital information products, archive your websites, create and sell impressive ebooks. If any of the above applies to you, you need HTML Executable.


Use HTML Executable to make unique entirely customized ebooks, presentations, digital publications, CD autoruns, Rich Internet applications, demonstrations, offline documentation and compact archives for easier, efficient and secure distribution or backup of your websites...

Full customization of your ebooks


Everything of the ebook application can be customized according to your needs: apply skins to the user interface; choose GUI items; display splash screens or custom messages; integrate a stand-alone PDF viewer; add a table of contents, a search engine and a favorite manager; restrict access to pages; create trial ebooks and define user rights; use software activation to protect your digital property; use scripting to extend the behavior of your ebook; include automated web update when you release a new version; protect your ebook with dongles; make portable versions that run on USB drives; change the icon, the version information of your .exe files and digitally sign them, and much more!


You can almost compile any website with HTML, JavaScript, PDF, images, video, audio, XML... HTML Executable is the perfect package for anyone who needs to publish secure materials electronically, make digital information products and earn money from ebooks.


If you want to run PHP files in compiled ebooks, please consider our other product: ExeOutput for PHP.


How to use this documentation


3 approaches:


  Browse through the different topics with the help contents tree on the left side to discover HTML Executable's features.


  Press F1 in the software, it will open for you the topic related to the current page.


  Use the documentation's search engine to find out a specific issue.


  Getting started with HTML Executable


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  If you have questions, feedback or bugs to report, you can visit our forum or contact us by e-mail: [email protected].


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