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Security Profiles - Conditions





Working with Security Profiles and Conditions


Always-On Actions


Each security profile comes with a default Always condition. This ensures that any actions linked to this condition are executed without fail, providing a consistent user experience.


Adding New Conditions


When you're ready to add a new condition, you'll be greeted with a selection window:



Select the type of condition you want to create, fill in any required fields, and press OK to continue.


⚠️ WARNING: The options for "Trial and Registered modes" and "following certificate(s) active" are only supported if you're creating a restricted publication.


Using Certificates for Conditions


The following certificate(s) is/are active condition provides a flexible tool for creating different registered editions of your publication. For instance, you can lock certain HTML pages or PDF documents if the current certificate is the default one, indicating that the ebook is not registered. Moreover, by creating individual certificates for each edition, you can unlock a specific number of pages per edition.


To activate this option, use the list to specify which certificate(s) should be checked. The checkboxes allow you to easily select or deselect certificates.


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Leveraging HEScript Boolean Functions


Creating a new condition is most efficient when using an HEScript Boolean function. These functions return either True or False, making them perfect for driving conditions. If the HEScript Boolean function returns true, the associated actions will trigger.


  How to Create an HEScript Script


Using Global Variables


For those who prefer working with publication global variables, you have a third option. In this case, enter the global variable's name and the required value for the condition to be fulfilled. Keep in mind, this option is not case-sensitive.


  Working with global variables


📢 IMPORTANT: Remember that once a condition is created, it cannot be edited. If you need to modify an existing condition, you'll need to delete it and create a new one.


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