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Prompt Messages





This page allows you to display message boxes, also known as Prompt Messages, to inform end users about their actions. HTML Executable enables you to display two prompt messages at different stages of the publication/ebook's execution: at the beginning and at the end.


Start Prompt Message


This message is displayed immediately after the publication or ebook is launched. It prompts end users to confirm whether they wish to proceed with your publication (Yes and No buttons are provided). An example of such a message could be: "Welcome to my publication. This publication is designed for optimal viewing on a large screen resolution. Do you wish to continue?".


End Prompt Message


This message is displayed as soon as users close the publication. It is an opportunity to thank your users or provide additional information, for example: "Thank you for reading my publication! Find more information at:".




ØIf the fields for these messages are left blank, these message boxes will not be displayed.

ØTo insert a carriage-return-line-feed between "Line 1" and "Line 2", use `"#13#10"`, like `Line1"#13#10"Line2` (including the quotes).

ØThese prompt messages are not rendered with the skin engine, because at the time they are displayed, the skin engine is either not yet loaded or has already been unloaded.