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Output Settings





📦 Configure the output settings for your ebook or publication made with HTML Executable. The output file is the executable file that you will distribute to your end users.


Output Path


In the "Output Path" field, specify the full path to the final publication file (directory+filename). This file should have an executable (.exe) extension.


ℹ️ Notes


ØSave your project before compiling the publication.

ØThe publication file will be overwritten if it already exists.

ØIf the output folder doesn't exist, it will be created.

ØEnsure that the output folder is not read-only.

ØAll resources and source files must be available during compilation.

ØMake sure you have enough free disk space.


Publication Title


Provide a short and descriptive title for your publication. This title will be used in message boxes and window title bars, and it will appear in the Windows taskbar and task manager.


Publication GUID


As ISBN identifies books, the publication GUID allows the ebook / publication to store its settings on the end user's computer. To generate a new GUID, you can press the right button.


 Note that you should not change a GUID once your project is started.


 If you want to share the same settings between different publications, give them the same GUID.


Reset Settings


If you want to remove or reset the publication's settings stored on your computer, click "Reset Settings" and confirm.


Export Cleanup Utility


Generate a small cleanup program to remove traces left by the publication on different computers. This portable program can be run from a USB disk on any computer.


⚠️ The generated program is specific to the current project and should not be distributed to others.


Compilation Options



  Activate TEST mode: Use this option for testing purposes only. It disables file compression, optimizations, and code signing to speed up the compilation. Publications built in test mode should never be distributed.


  Show compilation log automatically: this will display the compilation log once the build operation is finished.


Compiling Your Ebook or Publication


🚀 Launch the compilation of your package using one of these shortcuts:


• Click  in the toolbar.

• Use the menu commands from the Build menu.

• Press F9 for normal build or F10 for a full build with file compression.

• Use command line parameters.


💡 Archive Caching: HTML Executable compresses files into a single archive during compilation. To speed up subsequent builds, the archive is cached. If the source files or compression options change, the archive is reconstructed. You can force a full rebuild by pressing F10 or selecting the "Build full publication" menu command.


The cached archive is automatically deleted when you close HTML Executable or switch to another project.


  Refer to the Environment Options for more details on compression settings.