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How to modify the About box of my ebook?





In an ebook, you can display its About box by selecting "Help|About". You will get a window similar to this:



Each time you start a new project, HTML Executable creates a default About dialog box. But you can of course customize it and insert your own text, images, links... The About box is actually an HTML page.


Steps to modify the About box


In HTML Executable, open your project and


ØSelect "Application Behavior" and "Dialog Boxes".

ØDouble-click the "About Dialog Box" to open the HTML editor.



ØYou can now modify the HTML code for the About dialog box. As you can see, the HTML code can contain some HEScript and JavaScript codes. You should leave this code unmodified unless you know what you do.

ØClick OK to save the HTML code and compile your project.


Note: only users of the Professional/Commercial editions may edit the HTML code for the About box.


Insert a company logo or custom image


Since the dialog box is an HTML page, you can include any image you want.


Just use the following HTML code for instance:

<img src="https://heserver/hebox.png" align="right" hspace="8">


If your image file lies in a subfolder (e.g. `myfolder`), use the correct virtual path.


<img src="https://heserver/myfolder/hebox.png" align="right" hspace="8">


The `https://heserver/` protocol tells HTML Executable that the image is compiled inside the publication.